Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Highly Sensitive Person

I used to think that when I was called 'too sensitive' it was an insult. I was thrilled by challenges and a hint of danger. Perhaps, subconsciously I was attracted to doing things that required sensitivity but were also seen as 'tough'  - acting, humanitarian aid, social work etc....

A month back, my GP said to me 'you're too sensitive to be a social worker' and I did take that being highly sensitive was a character flaw.

The day my GP said this to me I went upstairs to my neighbours place to check on everything for her (she was away in the UK for a while). I glanced at her bookshelf and a title leapt out at me.....'The Highly Sensitive Person in Love'

Hmmmm....I thought .....I better check that wasn't so much the 'in love' bit that interested me but the 'Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)' bit....what's all that about???....